la sul jewellery
“La Sul” is an elegant contemporary fine jewellery brand that is made from 18k Gold, Diamonds and precious stones and which is easily worn day and night, as well as on joyful occasions.


Art and nature, which blend harmoniously to reflect their inexpressible charm, have always been a great inspirations in our lives and our journey started from there .

La Sul” is a fine jewellery brand that is made with love and passion by the Saudi designer Sultana Al-Othman.

Sultana’s passion and love for jewels started with her avid interest in sketching and painting .

She was passionately drawn to the avant-garde cubism arts movement, which subscribed to the geometrical depiction of natural forms.

Being already a lover of nature and beauty, she applied this principle as a part of her style in her artworks as reflected in her first collection “Fairy Feather” where She translated this style into the reality designs of elegant breath- taking pieces, to establish a foothold in the jewelry world.
From there, she continued to enrich her skills and love of jewelry by joining one of the prestigious academies of the gems world: the Gemological Institute of America in London (GIA) in 2015 and enrolled in one of their most interesting courses which was diamond grading.

She studied and worked under the supervision of distinguished experts which she built her knowledge and the competencies she currently applies in the gems world.

Sultana’s enhanced knowledge and rich experience led her to start by designing her own pieces that were included in her first collection; “Fairy Feather”, which registered her presence in the jewels world .